Here is Episode 4 of the satirical web series, Try This
, which the creator of the series – L.A. based comedy writer and performer
Cameron Johnson – says he was
inspired to make to basically keep white people from making fools of themselves
when dealing with black folks or other people of color.

According to Johnson, the series is aimed to “examine
a different micro-aggression, and comes up with a ‘solution’ on how to avoid it
— like sass-avoidance shock collars or just keeping your hands to yourself

This new episode is entitled “Don’t tell Me I’m Not
Really Black

you ever been given the beautiful compliment that you’re not really black? Has
your taste in music, profession, or ability to speak the English language in an
intelligible fashion caused people to question your blackness?”

To check out upcoming episodes, go HERE for the web
series’ website.

Watch episode 4 below: