Just a few weeks ago, I wrote about filmmaker Artemus Jenkins’ upcoming new relationship
drama web series Smoke and Mirrors
and said that it would be making its debut very soon.

And now it has…

Jenkins previously made the web series documentary, P.O.P, about the lives of performers at
an Atlanta strip club. This time around, Smoke and Mirrors deals with relationships and what
make them tick…or don’t.

Jenkins says, “Too often in love, people are not straight
shooters. Enough of the time people don’t simply lay their cards on the table
and let the other make an educated decision.”

And not only is Jenkins directing the series, but he’s
also starring in the lead role as well.

According to the series’ writer and co-creator KarynRose Bruyning, the main reason
they created the show was because “there aren’t enough examples of what
relationships look like for both sides. We have unfairly all become comfortable
with the idea that men are womanizers and women are crazy. This is not the
picture of what relationships are and as a woman, I thought it necessary to
educate people on what the truth is and them what it looks like for the sake of
love everywhere.”

And with that, here’s Episode One: