nullIt's called 96 Minutes, a film we've been following since our first profile back in March 2011, soon after its debut at the SXSW Film Festival, which Evan Ross (who won a breakthrough performance award at SXSW for his work in the film) and David Oyelowo both co-star in.

It was eventually acquired last fall by ARC Entertainment and XLrator Media (North American rights specifically) in a partnership, with plans to release the thriller in theaters on April 27.

Synopsis reads:

96 Minutes tells the harrowing story of a carjacking and four kids caught in the terrifying maelstrom of one night. Intercutting between the car and the beginning of that day, we follow the separate stories of each kid – where they come from, who they are, and how they all ended up in one car on this fateful night. Their worlds are starkly divided along class lines, but on this one night, their lives slam headlong into each other. Not all of them are innocent. Not all of them survive. These 96 minutes will change everything.

The flick is directed by Aimee Lagos, her feature film directorial debut.

A brand new clip from the film has been released; watch it below (full poster and trailer follow underneath):