Well, as I said last fall when "Send Me" was announced during its Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign: who in their right mind would want to do that (go back in time to the days of slavery)?
Personally, I say NO WAY. That is, of course, unless I could be like Django and take out a whole bunch of white Southern slave owners (or just like Ken Norton in "Mandingo" with Susan George. Just kidding…Maybe…) 
Created by playwright, screenwriter and actor Steve Harper, and starring Tracie Thoms, Gabrielle Carteris, Nelsan Ellis, Jerrika Hinton, Jasika Nicole, and Carlease Burke, and shot earlier this year in and around Los Angeles, "Send Me" follows a black woman (Thoms) who has the power to send black people back in time, to the slavery era.
But Harper points out that the people who do this in the series are doing it of their own free will: “It’s not a punishment. They want to go – to explore their blackness, their history, to connect to who they are. It takes place now… and it involves time travel. Candidates apply for the chance to take the trip. Those who want to go are trying to find out who they are now, based on who their ancestors were." 
No doubt a controversial premise, Harper says he created the series because: "… in a landscape of silly web comedies and soapy relationship videos, ‘Send Me’ aims higher. This is a piece about identity, the past, the future and where we find ourselves. What is our obligation to our history? How do we balance an understanding of who we are now with who we once were – personally and historically?”
He further went on to say that: “I want to expand the dialogue and create a dramatic piece that resonates nationwide among Americans of all races. Through this web series, we raise deep questions about who we are now as a people – and where we came from."
The first two trailers have been been released before the series premieres, and are embedded below.

Go HERE to check out the series’ website.

But getting back to the central question, would you go back?