"Ip Man 3"Here’s the first USA release trailer for "Ip Man 3," the $36 million film that reunites the team that made the first 2 Ip Man movies, and is executive-produced by famous Chinese producer and entrepreneur Shi Jianxiang, founder and CEO of Shanghai Kuailu Investment Group.

Martial artist Donnie Yen, who reprises his role as Ip Man in the third installment, is joined this time by former heavy weight boxing champ Mike Tyson (a self-proclaimed huge fan of the franchise), in a battle of fighting styles, as the two will apparently go head-to-head in "Ip Man 3." Who wins? Find out when the film is released Stateside on January 22, 2016 via Well Go USA Entertainment.

Ip Man (1893-1972) was a Chinese martial artist who popularized the practice of Wing Chun. One of his most famous pupils was Bruce Lee, who later developed his own discipline, Jeet Kune Do. 

"Ip Man 3" focuses on the master-student relationship between Ip Man and Bruce Lee. But, according to Shi, the movie is more than that.

"The movie also conveys the spirit of emotion and justice," said Shi during a press conference announcing the production earlier this year. "This year marks the 70th anniversary of World War II, and the 110th of the founding of the Chinese film industry. I feel like I’m not only publishing a movie, but carrying forward the Chinese spirit as well."

Tyson plays a significant role in "Ip Man 3" (the filmmakers have said), as a property developer who also happens to be a street fighter. Per a previous press release, he will have some intense fighting scenes with star Donnie Yen; and we get a glimpse of that in the below trailer.

Shi hopes that the introduction of Tyson can further facilitate the cultural exchange between China and U.S., especially in the film industry.

The previous "Ip Man" movies grossed $37 million worldwide, and was a local sensation. Both "Ip Man" 1 and 2 are streaming on Netflix, by the way.

Here’s the USA release trailer for "Ip Man 3." It’s about 40 seconds longer than the teaser Sergio posted last month.