nullIf you’ve spent any time on YouTube, chances are that you’ve stumbled upon at least one so-called “unboxing video,” which are exactly what the title suggests: the unpacking of new products, often tech consumer products, captured on video by the owner, and uploaded to the web. 

Why, you ask? 
I suppose for those who watch them, it provides an unvarnished, real-world look at an item they may be interested in purchasing (as opposed to the glossy, professional photos and videos the manufacturers of the products make available on their websites, for customers). It’s for those who’d typically visit a brick-and-mortar store to take a look at a product they want to buy, so that they can see it, touch it, feel it, etc. These “unboxing videos” are a kind of virtual replacement for that real-world experience.

Now that we’ve gotten that brief explanation out of the way… how about we take a look at a Morgan Freeman “unboxing video,” recreating that memorable end sequence in “Se7en,” during which Detective Somerset (played by Freeman) intercepts a package and, shall we say, “unboxes” it, while Detective Mills (Brad Pitt) holds John Doe (Kevin Spacey) at gunpoint? 
Do I really need to say more? Watch: