Last September I wrote about and posted a teaser
trailer for the upcoming new feature film, God
Loves the Fighter
, made entirely in Trinidad,
by filmmaker Damian Marcano, a
Trinidad native who now lives in the U.S.

At the time, the film was still in post-production and
details were sketchy. However, the film is now complete and is ready to make
the film festival circuit rounds before, hopefully, finding a distributor; and the first full extended trailer for it has been released as well.

According to the synopsis, the film deals with “King Curtis, a vagrant on the streets of
Port of Spain, who is constantly ignored by passersby. He speaks and if he has to –
sometimes shouts the truth about the stories behind the newspaper headlines. As
the conductor of our story, King Curtis introduces us to a young man named
a resident east of the lighthouse, is trying his best to stay on the right
path. However, with no job in sight, he is finding it hard to say no to other
“opportunities”. A chance of redemption presents itself when Dinah, a
professional streetwalker, crosses his path in need of help… 
the story unfolds, King Curtis reveals the ripple effect created by a person’s
decision making; leading to moments of triumph and moments of tragedy”.

Marcano has only one previous short film to his credit, The Little Boy and the Ball, made in
2010; so this feature (which, as I said last time, seems to echo City of God in some images) I must say looks rather interesting.

By the way, the title of the film comes from the Trinidadian
poet Muhammad Muwakil who said that: “I
believe that as much as God loves the prayerful penitent so too must he love
the persistent, up against all odds death coming endlessly in waves but never go
under, God loves the fighter……”