The SAG-AFTRA Foundation “Conversations” program offers inspiring Q&As and career retrospectives with actors from across the spectrum, who explore the process and profession of acting with an audience of fellow performers. In addition, the actors reflect on personal experiences and artistic influences that informed and shaped their careers, as well as discuss past and current projects, and share valuable insights into the craft and industry.

Presented in Los Angeles, New York and cities nationwide, all “Conversations” are professionally moderated, recorded.

This most recent one was uploaded just yesterday, June 23. Titled “Conversations: Journey of the Working Actor,” it’s a 90-minute panel with “working actors” LaTanya Richardson Jackson, Colman Domingo, Jayne Atkinson, Donna Lynne Champlin, and Michel Gil.

The conversation is moderated by Lori Hammel.

These New York actors who may not be universally known as well as the industry’s biggest stars, are “working actors” with substantial resumes and stories to share. During the conversation, each covers how they got their start, roles that opened doors, juggling work and career, managing stress, and weathering the busy times with the lean times.

I think both non-actors and actors will appreciate the chat – especially those who send me emails asking how best to get into and navigate the business, even though I’m not exactly the right person to address that question.