Created by director/producer Angela Tucker, watch episode 6 (embedded below) in the Black Folk Don't docu-series – this one titled Black Folk Don't Get Married.

But first…

It seems like now a days it's hard to find black folk who are ready and willing to say I do, at least that's what all the media coverage about single black women says. Is this a generational issue or are black folk allergic too long term commitment? Or are they just committing in different ways outside the mainstream?

As a black man in America in his 30s, who isn't entirely sold on the idea of marriage as the ultimate (or only) form of commitment, and who doesn't buy into the various stats peddled about single black women and the absence of eligible black men, I especially loved what both Melissa Harris-Perry and Abiola Abrams had to say in the latter half of this episode, starting around the 3:55 mark, until the end of the episode.

But watch the entire season 2, episode 6, on black folks and marriage, below: