They did this last year as well; Who else can assemble the likes of the names mentioned below (CEOs/presidents/top-level executives of Hollywood studios) together in one room for 60 minutes to talk about the industry during awards season, in an event that also included the participation of members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences and select Hollywood guilds?

Pete Hammond and Mike Fleming of Deadline co-moderate a panel of the biggest moguls in Hollywood, talking about the Oscars and the state of the business in Deadline Hollywood’s 2nd annual THE CONTENDERS event, held November 10th at LA’s Landmark Theatre.

It worth listening to; some insight into the minds of studio execs, for those who often wonder how they think about the process of filmmaking (production and distribution).

Included on the panel are:

Jim Gianopulos: 20th Century Fox Film,Chairman & CEO

Rob Moore: Paramount Pictures, Vice-Chairman

Jeff Robinov: Warner Bros Pictures Group, President

Amy Pascal: Sony Pictures Entertainment, Co-Chairmain

Adam Fogelson: Universal Pictures, Chairman

Robert Friedman: Lionsgate Motion Picture Group, Co-Chairman

Stacey Snider: DreamWorks Studios, Partner/Co-Chairman/CEO