We’ve alerted you to iROKOtv – an internet film-subscription service that exclusively provides Nollywood film and music content to millions of customers worldwide. It’s web-based, so, as long as you have a broadband internet connection, you have access to a fairly large library of Nollywood films at a subscription fee of $5 a month. It’s like the Netflix of Nollywood movies.

Another web-based streaming video service that you should know about, called dobox, streams primarily popular contemporary African films. 

Scanning their library, I came across several recent titles that we’ve covered on S&A, that haven’t screened widely, and that I’m sure most of you haven’t seen, and thus may want to check out.

Some examples: 3 Tunde Kelani recent titles, MAAMiArugba, and The White Handkerchief; the lauded South African drama Otelo Burning (which actually saw a limited theatrical release earlier this year, in the USA), Kenneth Gyang’s Confusion NA WA; the animation compilation African Tales; and more.

Unlike iROKOtv, dobox isn’t subscription based; instead it’s pay-per-view. You can rent each film, or buy outright, in digital form.

Enjoy amazing collections of premium cinema released movies, original series, popular TV drama series, in-depth documentaries, cartoons, live events streaming, top-notch music videos and user generated content. At dobox, you can Stream, Buy, Rent, upload or get connected to live events across the globe. No Monthly subscription or commitments. Pay only for what you watch or want to buy. At dobox, you can Stream a title; this gives you immediate viewing access online. While our Rental option whenever highlighted allows you to download the content on to your device with a storage period of 48hrs (2 days) and our purchase option allows you to own a digital copy of the content downloaded onto your device.

According to the service’s website, it’s available on your mobile devices (Android, MAC, PC, Blackberry).

I plan to explore what dobox has to offer, as this might be one’s only opportunity to see some of these films that haven’t been, and likely will never see formal distribution (theatrical, DVD/Bluray) outside of Africa – starting with Kenneth Gyang’s Confusion NA WA, which won the 2013 Africa Movie Academy Award for Best Film.

Starring Ramsey Nouah (Kunle Afolayan’s The Figurine), Confusion Na Wa traces the lives of a disparate group of individuals as their paths cross over the course of one day, resulting in tales of lust, infidelity, friendship, revenge, heartbreak and, of course, confusion.

Ali Nuhu, OC UkejeIkponmwosa GoldTony Goodman, Tunde Aladese and Nat Deme co-star in the social-commentary dramedy that is Cinema Kpatakpata’s first film as a company. It was funded by the Hubert Bals Fund of the Rotterdam Film Festival.

Cinema Kpatakpata was formed in 2010 by Kenneth Gyang, Yinka Edward and Tom Rowlands-Rees, with their goal being to produce feature films, documentary and television, in Nigeria and throughout Africa.

By the way, “na wa” is akin to let’s say an exclamation mark – as in, if you’re really taken, overwhelmed, or enamored by something. It can both be a positive or a negative.

Check out the trailer and full poster for the film below.

To take advantage of the dobox streaming service, click HERE.