We completely missed this trailer for 96 Minutes, a film we profiled back in March, soon after its debut at the SXSW Film Festival. Nothing more about it has crossed my virtual desk since then, and I obviously missed the posting of this trailer on the film’s Facebook page, even though I’m a Facebook *fan.*

Anywho, here it is now. As a refresher, Evan Ross (who won a breakthrough performance award at SXSW for his work in the film) and David Oyelowo both co-star in 96 Minutes.

Synopsis reads:

… tells the harrowing story of a carjacking and four kids caught in the terrifying maelstrom of one night. Intercutting between the car and the beginning of that day, we follow the separate stories of each kid – where they come from, who they are, and how they all ended up in one car on this fateful night. Their worlds are starkly divided along class lines, but on this one night, their lives slam headlong into each other. Not all of them are innocent. Not all of them survive. These 96 minutes will change everything.

Ross plays one of the 4 kids, and from the trailer that follows below, and given his breakthrough performance award, it looks like he features quite prominently in the film. I’m not certain what David Oyelowo’s role is in it however.

The flick is directed by Aimee Lagos, her feature film directorial debut.

After its premiere at SXSW, there was some buzz around the film, with distribution offers reportedly on the table. Though, at the moment, it’s still without a distributor, as it continues to play the film festival and film screening series circuit. It’ll next screen at the Boston Film Festival, this Saturday, Sept 17th at 9:15pm. Writer/director Aimee Lagos will be in attendance along with several of the film’s stars.

Ok, it’s now officially on my watch-list, so hopefully I won’t miss any future announcements.

Trailer and poster below: