nullDescribed as a "quirky off-beat drama," Greencastle is written and directed by Koran Dunbar, who is also the lead actor in the film. The film, about a single father in a rural town in PA grieving the death of his late wife, was able to raise post-production costs through Kickstarter last month.

After taking a look at the trailer, I found it refreshing to see a racially diverse cast, which, besides Dunbar lists Nikki Estridge, Aurelius Dunbar, Doua Moua and Christopher James Raynor.

Here's the full synopsis:

"Greencastle" is a quirky offbeat drama about man’s search for meaning amidst the ache of despair chronicles Poitier, a single father who works as an Assistant Manager at a small town pet shop, as he enters a "quarter-life crisis" impelled by a recent tragedy. Greencastle intertwines lives of loneliness and disconnection, fatefully leading Poitier toward an unexpected and sublime awakening.

Glancing through Koran Dunbar's IMDB, Greencastle seems to be his first writing/directing/producing effort; he does have a couple of recent acting credits in supporting roles.

Going by the recent updates in the film's Facebook page HERE, it looks like the film has been submitted to a few film festivals this year.

Take a look a the trailer below; I've also embedded a first-look video underneath it, in which the cast and crew discuss the film.