The Clemente Effect, a new ESPN documentary on the life of the late Puerto Rican baseball right fielder, is slated to debut in the sports network soon.

In the documentary, directed by Mario Diaz, Roberto Clemente’s “powerful life is examined.” In 1960, Clemente became the first Hispanic player to win a World Series in a starter position. He also received the MVP award in 1966, along with the World Series MVP Award in 1971.

Hailed as a hero in his hometown of Puerto Rico, Clemente became a sports icon at the international level.  Clemente is also known for his charity work in Latin America; he died in a plane crash while attempting to deliver aid to Nicaraguan earthquake victims in 1972.

Interesting to note from the trailer below is that “the black population didn’t know what to make of Roberto, nor did the white population” when the Spanish-speaking Clemente rose to stardom during the civil rights movement.

Watch the inspiring trailer below: