I happened upon a review of this fun short film on FilmThreat.com, and was instantly intrigued by its simplicity and overall effectiveness. For what it’s worth, Water Pest shows promise, and offers a look at what could be– with the right amount of development– a colorful spin on the norm.

The writer/director behind Water Pest is Corey A. Burkes, a graphic designer/author who has created an in-home studio and production company called DesktopEpics. Water Pest, a 4-minute action-short, stars Janice Williams and Frito Marcelin.

Through DesktopEpics, Burkes produces short films, animation, and audio theater, among other things. And he prides himself on the fact that he does it all on a $0 budget.

It’s not the fanciest of short films, but for $0 it sure got a good amount of chuckles out of me.