The Wayans family got love from fans, who remarked on how strong the Wayans genes have been throughout the generations.

The Atlanta Black Star reported on Marlon Wayans‘ latest Instagram post featuring a family photo of many members of the Wayans family, including Wayans’ children, his sister, and his nephews.

“Took the [w]hole squad to @catch [Catch restaurant] in [V]egas…WAYANSES for days. Best night probably ever. Love my family,” he wrote.

Wayans post included a huge amount of family members:


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Fans commented on how huge the Wayans family is, which includes Marlon's eight other siblings, as well as tons of nieces and nephews.

One commenter wrote, “Royalty! The Wayans genes strong.” Another also commented on the family’s “[s]trong genes.”

Others praised the family on their beauty, with several commenters writing, “Beautiful family.” Another wrote, “Goodt Goodt looking bunch.” The family was also praised for their close-knit togetherness, with one commenter writing, “Nothing like family.” Another wrote, “Imagine being a part of the family.”

Some of the other family members also left comments, with Damon Wayans Jr. writing, “Wow! Didn’t know so much [f]am was coming out. Wish I could’ve went.” Chaunte’ Wayans also wrote, “Awww man we missed the pic?” Other friends of the family, like Affion Crocket and Deon Cole, also left happy notes for the family, with Crockett using a crown emoji with the words “x’s 1000” and Cole simply writing, “Dope.”

Wayans has recently starred in the Aretha Franklin biopic 'Respect' opposite Jennifer Hudson as Franklin.

In the film, Wayans portrayed Franklin’s first husband and manager, Ted White. In an interview with Shadow and Act, Wayans talked about portraying White in the film.

“I just thought to be able to play leading man and villain at the same time – romantic and dark, sexy and dangerous – [that’s] something no one would expect from me,” he said. “I have never showcased [or had the ability] to showcase that in anything that I’ve done, but maturity falls upon us all. All the stuff I’ve done in my past leads me to this moment and the stars just aligned.”