OK, it’s about time for another web series and, as an antidote to the the reaction to recent posts on light skinned girls vs. dark skinned girls and their woes, real, percieved, or disbelieved, Afro City is perfect as it features a multi-hued cast of afroliciousness, ranging in flavour from vanilla, caramel, peanut butter to chocolate.

Created and produced by writer Rhonda Ray and director Lobace Stoll, Afro City stars Ray, Ebony Mikila, Bunmi Ayodele and Sabrina Alashi, and is about a singer, Jazzman Love, and her three best friends – art gallery owner(Crystal), model (Ebony) and earring designer (Fatimah). The series follows these four women as they share their love, lives, ups, downs, art and fashion while maneuvering through the big city and downtown art district of L A. Through good times and bad times, these four Afronistas create a bond that will last a lifetime.

It’s a formula that’s worked successfully before, whether it be The Golden Girls or Sex And The City, and, while I prefer to judge each show on its own merits, I’m sure you’ve all herd of at least one series or another, whether on TV or the web, that has purported to be the black version of the latter. Well, as an avid fan of SATC, the TV series (not so much the films… blaah), Afro City looks the closest in spirit to being on a par with SATC as anything else I’ve seen, with the added bonus that it has it’s own unabashed flair, wit, style and individuality that only an afrocentric slant could lend to it.

You can find out more about the cast, crew and series by visiting the website, Afrocitytv.com.

In the meantime, for the various hued black chicas everywhere, and the people who love them, here’s episode 1 of Afro City, Afronista.