I think I saw the first Rio. I remember seeing an animated film a
few years ago with a lot of bright, pretty colors. And that’s about all I can remember.

2011’s Rio was one of those sneaky
kind of movie, earning $485 million worldwide. You know, that kind of film that just opens up with no one really paying attention to it; you don’t hear anyone talking about it, and yet, before you know it, it’s made a
ton of money, even though you don’t know of a single person who’s even saw it. Well, that was Rio.

Eventually a lot of parents took their kids to see it
because it was safe, and the all the bright colors would dazzle
their kids into a stupor for at least a couple hours. And then they could do it
again when the DVD came out, or when it was on cable TV.

So I guess that explains why Rio 2 unexpectedly gave Captain America: The Winter Soldier a
neck-to-neck race to the finish this weekend, with the Captain coming in first
again, but just barely, with about $41.4
 Rio 2 came in a very close second with $39 million.

However, Captain has also grossed $318 million overseas to date, which means that
the film has earned over $477 million to date. It may not reach a billion worldwide, but $750-800 million is definitely very possible, and Marvel sure wouldn’t be complaining.

In third place this week was the Relativity horror film Oculus, which got very mixed reviews, and coming in fourth place was the
NFL-promo-designed-as-a-Kevin Costner film, Draft Day.

And in case you’ve been wondering 12 Years a Slave has grossed $178. 3 million worldwide to date.

1) Captain America: The Winter Soldier BV $41,398,000 Total: $159,006,000 
2) Rio 2 Fox $39,000,000 
3) Oculus Rela. $12,000,000 
4) Draft Day LG/S $9,750,000 
5) Divergent LG/S $7,500,000  Total: $124,877,000 
6) Noah Par. $7,450,000 Total: $84,872,000 
7) God’s Not Dead Free $4,485,000  Total: $40,700,000 
8) The Grand Budapest Hotel FoxS $4,050,000 Total: $39,470,000 
9) Muppets Most Wanted BV $2,193,000 Total: $45,670,000 
10) Mr. Peabody & Sherman Fox $1,825,000 Total: $105,215,000 
11) The Raid 2 SPC $1,014,000  Total: $1,427,000 
12) Non-Stop Uni. $716,000 Total: $89,421,000