As expected, overall box office numbers dropped
sharply, as they always do the weekend after the Thanksgiving holiday.

And the severe Arctic blast, which has affected most of
the country, even as far south as Los
Angeles County
, no doubt didn’t help things either. That being said, people somehow managed to go the movies; and this weekend the Disney animated film Frozen grossed some $31.6 million, edging out The Hunger Games: Catching Fire for the
No 1 slot, with Fire coming in at No. 2, earning some $27 million.

The one major release this weekend, Out of the Furnace with Christian
Bale, Woody Harrelson
and Zoe
, didn’t fare so well with under $5.4
. But then again, why Relativity
would release a really excellent, but grim, downbeat,
violent drama during the Christmas holiday season is a mystery. There’s nothing in
it even remotely resembling holiday cheer.

As for holdouts, for those people who, last week, were
predicting that audiences would go check out Black Nativity this weekend, well, they didn’t.

The film dropped a whopping 71% to 14th place
most likely due to bad word of mouth and the fact that there’s just too
much competition out there.

Meanwhile, as for The
Best Man Holiday
, though it dropped some 67% from last week it still held on for a No. 8 slot in the top ten.

And 12 Years A
was in 13th place with just over $35 million to date.

Next week is going to be the battle for the ages
when The Hobbit: The Desolation of the Smug,
or the Smaug or The Smurfs or whatever it’s called, goes up
against A Madea Christmas.

1) Frozen BV $31,641,000 Total: $134,278,000 
2) The Hunger Games: Catching Fire LGF $27,000,000 Total: $336,665,000 
3) Out of the Furnace Rela. $5,300,000 Total; $5,327,000 
4) Thor: The Dark World BV $4,740,000  Total: $193,640,000 
5) Delivery Man BV $3,775,000 Total: $24,799,000 
6) Homefront ORF $3,384,000  Total: $15,284,000 
7) The Book Thief Fox $2,700,000 Total: $12,075,000  
8) The Best Man Holiday Uni. $2,673,000 Total: $67,239,000 
9) Philomena Wein. $2,282,000 Total: $8,255,000 
10) Dallas Buyers Club Focus $1,459,000 Total: $12,411,000 
11) Last Vegas CBS $1,255,000 Total: $60,577,000 
12)  Gravity WB $1,240,000 Total: $251,515,000