Though it got universally awful reviews, Divergent, the latest attempt to cash
in on the huge young adult book genre, such as Twilight and The Hunger
, and with several more to come this year, was, as expected, No. 1 this
weekend, with $56 million. That’s slightly below the $65 million that most box office analysts were predicting; but who’s

The question is, how will Divergent stand up next weekend
against Darren Aronofsky’s Noah, which has been getting its share of controversy, and which has already been released in some foreign countries, such as Mexico, grossing some $4 million overseas to date. Then the week after that, Divergent will face Captain America: The Winter Solder, which is already getting rave reviews – even from those who are not fans of comic
books movies.

Already there are predictions that Winter Solider could blast all the competition, with an $85
opening weekend. We’ll have to wait and see how that pans out.

Muppets Most Wanted
, which had its work cut out for it, going up
against Divergent, came in a disappointing second, with $16 million; and Mr. Peabody and Sherman coming in third with $11.7 million.

Tyler Perry’s The Single Moms Club dropped over 60% from last weekend’s fifth place, down to tenth this weekend. With just under $13 million so far, it’s going to be a struggle for the film to hit $20 million.

1) Divergent LG/S $56,000,000
2) Muppets Most Wanted BV $16,514,000
3) Mr. Peabody & Sherman Fox $11,700,000  Total: $81,002,000  
4) 300: Rise of An Empire WB $8,665,000  Total: $93,753,000 
5) God’s Not Dead Free $8,564,000  
6) Need for Speed BV $7,781,000  Total: $30,404,000  
7) The Grand Budapest Hotel FoxS $6,750,000  Total: $12,961,000  
8) Non-Stop Uni. $6,346,000  Total: $78,621,000  
9) The LEGO Movie WB $4,115,000  Total: $243,352,000 
10) Tyler Perry’s The Single Moms Club LGF $3,100,000   Total: $12,910,000  
11) Son of God Fox $2,650,000 Total: $55,600,000 
12) The Monuments Men Sony $975,000  Total: $75,709,000