I’ve said it before and I’ve said it again, I don’t get these Harry Potter movies. I’ve seen them all and they’re like the EXACT SAME MOVIE over and over again. I’m not even sure the image above is from the latest HP movie because, as I’ve just said, they’re the EXACT SAME MOVIE. Could you tell the difference?

The plots are confusing with all those ridiculous names and places, sounding like Hemogloben and Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Thank God this is the last one. I’ve had enough.

On top of that, I’ve never figured out why Harry Potter doesn’t use his magic wizard powers to get what guys want. I.E. Money, hot, fast cars and hot, faster women (or hot guys whatever he prefers).

1. Harry Potter/Hallows, Pt 2 – 3D (Warner Bros.) Weekend $168.5M Global Cume $475.5M
2. Transformers 3 – 3D (Paramount) Weekend $23.5M, Cume $305M
3. Horrible Bosses (New Line/Warner Bros) Weekend $17.5M, Cume $59.8M
4. Zookeeper (Sony) Weekend $12.5M, Cume $42.5M
5. Cars 2 – 3D (Disney) Weekend $8.2M, Cume $165.2M
6. Winnie The Pooh (Disney) Weekend $7.5M
7. Bad Teacher (Sony) Weekend $5M, Cume $88.3M
8. Larry Crowne (Vendome/Universal) Weekend $2.7M, Cume $31.8M
9. Super 8 (Paramount) Weekend $1.8M, Cume $122.1M
10. Midnight In Paris (Sony Classics) Weekend $1.8M, Cume $41.7M