O.K. so it didn’t hit the $16 million mark that was orginally projected on Friday, but still Jumping The Broom came in third, with just under $14 million, which is still an excellent opening for the very modestly budgeted $6 million rom-com.

As expected Thor came in No. 1 with $66 million, though some say that that’s a disappointment, considering it was expected to do better; and Fast Five still had a bigger opening, with over $86 million. And speaking of Fast Five, that film came in second, and, to date, has made over $250 million worldwide, likely heading well past half a billion dollars, which means, Fast Ten, will be coming in a few years.

The rest of this week’s list below:

1 Thor Par. $66,000,000
2 Fast Five Uni. $32,519,000 Total: $139,853,000
3 Jumping the Broom TriS $13,700,000
4 Something Borrowed WB $13,155,000
5 Rio Fox $8,200,000 Total: $114,902,000
6 Water for Elephants Fox $5,600,000 Total: $41,614,000
7 Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Big Happy Family LGF $3,900,000 Total: $46,806,000
8 Prom BV $2,425,000 Total: $7,800,000
9 Soul Surfer TriS $2,100,000 Total: 36,679,000
10 Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil Wein.$1,880,000 Total: $6,714,000
11 Insidious FD $1,324,000 Total: $50,304,000
12 Source Code Sum. $1,238,000 Total: $50,938,000