The restaurant owner and matriarch of the Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s family has been dealing with the unexpected.

After losing her beloved grandson to gun violence, it turns out that Miss Robbie Montgomery’s own son Tim Norman has been implicated in the murder. Norman faces life in prison. Now, Miss Robbie is suing Arkansas-based YouTubers Phyllis Flint and Shanice Coty for defamation, alleging they published a video where they accused her of being involved in criminal activity and promiscuity during her days as a background singer for Ike & Tina Turner.

YouTube drama

St. Louis Today reports that the lawsuit centers on the YouTube channel Eat with Phylly Phyl Talk Show & More in a video titled “SWEETIE PIE’S TIM NORMAN’S FATHER BEST FRIEND WIFE CALLS & GIVES TEA ON THE FAMILY.” It features a recorded conversation between Coty and Flint in which the two women accuse Miss Robbie of crimes related to her grandson Andre Montgomery’s death, including murder and being an accessory to murder. Andre was 21 years old when he was shot and killed.

In the video, they also accuse Miss Robbie of having a “promiscuous and adulterous sex life” during her time as one of the original Ikettes. It’s their most popular video, with over 500,000 views as of Friday, August 6.

Miss Robbie takes legal action

According to court papers filed, Miss Robbie says her reputation has been damaged by the allegations and that the comments were “wanton,” “malicious” and “tended to expose plaintiff to hatred, contempt and/or ridicule.”

YouTuber stands by video

In a live video posted after the suit went public, Flint said, all the content on her show was “for entertainment purposes only and allegedly.”

“I ain’t did nothing wrong,” she added. “I plead the fifth.”