The verdict is in, and a jury found Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s star Tim Norman guilty of being the mastermind behold the murder of his 21-year-old nephew, Andre Montgomery Jr. A jury deliberated for three days. Norman, who already has a prior arrest record, will more than likely serve life in prison as a result.

Montgomery Jr. was murdered in 2016.

Investigators allege Norman orchestrated the attack to cash in on life insurance policies he took out on his nephew that totaled $450k and listed him as the sole beneficiary. There’s also speculation that Norman also orchestrated a break-in of his mother’s home and blamed his nephew.

Norman didn’t act alone

The former reality star enlisted the help of two conspirators, one of which is a former exotic dancer named Terica Ellis, who police say lured Montgomery Jr. to the location where he was executed. Ellis has pled guilty and will be sentenced next month.

Per St. Louis Today, the evidence presented during the trial showed Norman paid $10,000 to Ellis to track his nephew’s location. He then used a friend to pay $5,000 to the shooter, Travell Anthony Hill, after Hill killed Montgomery. Hill has also pleaded guilty.


In addition to being found guilty on two federal murder-for-hire counts, he was also found guilty on one charge of conspiracy to commit wire and mail fraud for the insurance scheme.

The insurance agent is also charged with fraud and faces jail time.

Norman’s mother, Sweetie Pie’s star Miss Robbie, sobbed after the verdict was read as her son reportedly sat expressionless. She publicly supported Norman throughout the trial.