The court proceedings for Welcome To Sweetie Pie’s star Tim Norman is officially underway six years after the murder of his nephew, Andre Montgomery Jr.

As reported by KSDK, On the first day of the trial, jury selection was made and they dived into their first two witnesses — one of which was Andre Montgomery Jr.’s mother, Michelle Griggs.

Tim Norman is accused of plotting to kill his nephew, Andre Montgomery Jr.

The trial began with the prosecution saying Norman murdered Andre Montgomery Jr. with accomplices through a five-step plan.

However, Norman’s defense team argues that the reality star was trying to get his nephew on the right track and even invited him to live in St. Louis to get him out of the drug and gang life.

Montgomery's mother, Michelle Griggs says Tim Norman told her he would look after her son, but the reality star never approached her about the 21-year-old's loss until the day of his funeral.

While on the stand as the trial’s first witness, Michelle Griggs explained that Tim Norman wanted Andre Montgomery Jr. to come to St. Louis so her could teach him how to be a man.

She said Norman asked her for Montgomery’s diploma, birth certificate and social security and said he would look after him.

After the murder, Griggs claimed she never heard from Norman until the day of Montgomery’s funeral, where the former reality star told her”I’m sorry for your loss.”

The second witness was FBI special agent Chris Faber, who went through several text messages Tim Norman sent.

The second witness in the trial was FBI special agent Chris Faber.

While on the stand, Faber revealed that Norman sent a multitude of text messages that had to do with Montgomery’s death.

One text exchange that was mentioned was between Norman and his insurance agent Waiel Rebhi Yaghnam, who’s already pleaded guilty.

The texts showed the 'Welcome To Sweetie Pie's' star asking for five insurance applications.

Nearly six months before his nephew’s murder, Norman sent Yaghnam a message saying, “Montgomery may not make it six months.”