Fans of the OWN reality series Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s were shocked after Tim Norman was accused of and found guilty of orchestrating the 2016 murder of of his nephew, Andre Montegomery Jr.

But Norman didn’t act alone. There were three co-conspirators, and one of them was recently sentenced.

On Jan. 24, Terrica Ellis was sentenced to three years in prison for her role in the death of Montgomery Jr.

Atlanta Black Star reports that Ellis worked with Norman to orchestrate the 21-year-old’s murder. She is accused of luring Mongtonmery Jr. to the location where he was killed. Ellis reportedly previously worked as an exotic dancer and once dated Norman.

Norman was convicted in Sept. 2022. He reportedly hired a hitman to shoot Montgomery Jr.

According to Ellis’ testimony, Norman paid her $10,000 to lure his nephew to the apartment complex before a man ambushed him.

The shooter in the case, Travell Anthony Hill, was sentenced to 32 years behind bars. Norman allegedly orchestrated the plan in an attempt to receive a payout on life insurance policies he had on his nephew.

Waiel Rebhi, the insurance agent, was sentenced to 3 years after he admitted to conspiring with Norman on the policy.