Any of our readers in the Houston/Austin/Waco Texas area who are looking for something to do this Mother’s Day weekend, do I have some good news for you. The romantic comedy stage play Cheaper to Keep Her with Vivica A Fox and Brian McKnight, written by Ja’Caryous Johnson will be performed in those cities over the weekend.

You know, I have to admit this sort of black theater (that is, the kind without the cross dressers, if you know what I mean…) does intrigue me, and one day I’ll have to gather the courage to check one out for myself, to see what all the fuss is about. Yes, though August Wilson and Lynn Nottage will get all the acclaim, and win Pulitzer Prizes, and even have theaters and cultural centers named after them, it’s plays like Cheaper that bring black people to the theater. Sort of like the clash between Spike and TP wouldn’t you say????

And from time to time, I’ve wondered what ever happened to Karen Malina White. You remember her; She was that hyper, tiny girl with the really high pitched annoying voice in A Different World. At least she’s still around.

Come to think of it what happened to the cast of A Different World anyway? Where are they? At least Jada sure married very well.

Here’s a trailer for the play: