Tommy Williams, Wendy Williams’ younger brother, is once again speaking about his sister’s health, and according to him, she is acting even more reckless than before.

MEAWW reports that Tommy told The Sun that he doesn’t believe that Williams is doing as well as she had been doing when she was with the rest of her family in Florida.

According to him, there are "evil-doers lurking about" Williams and, in his estimation, Williams is "going backward."

He also commented on Williams partying with people much younger than her, and he said that while he and his sister had great times together growing up, they also started using drugs and alcohol at a young age, too.

Williams' health has been scrutinized ever since she fell ill during her show's 13th season, leaving the producers with the task of finding substitute hosts.

The process led to Sherri Shepherd becoming the permanent host of the newly-renamed show, Sherri.

Meanwhile, Williams has battled a multitude of health illnesses and complications, and has allegedly abused alcohol while also being shut out of her finances. Throughout Williams’ health issues, Tommy has taken to his YouTube account to tell his fans more about Williams, their family dynamic, and his hopes for her career.

Williams was recently released from rehab after two months.

Her spokesperson, Shawn Zanotti told PageSix, “We are happy to report that Wendy Williams is home and healing after being in a wellness facility since August.” Through Zanotti, Williams told her fans, “Thank you to my fans for your love, support and many prayers. I am back and better than ever.”

However, Williams is also allegedly not speaking to her son, Kevin Hunter Jr., after returning from rehab.

No one knows for sure what’s happening, but regardless, prayers up for Williams to return to full health.