Wendy Williams’ ex-husband Kevin Hunter is increasing the pressure on his lawsuit against production company Debmar-Mercury. At first, Hunter was asking for at least $7 million, but now, in the latest post from The Jasmine Brand, he has upped the price of damages to $10 million. He’s also dropped what could be evidence of his alleged wrongful termination.

According to The Jasmine Brand via Radar, Hunter posted an email he allegedly received from Debmar-Mercury’s Ira Bernstein. The email allegedly reads as the following:

"Dear Kevin, Out of respect for our 10-year working relationship, we had hoped to meet you in person and traveled to New York to do so, but unfortunately, you have canceled today's meeting and we are left with no choice but to communicate to you in writing that effective immediately, your role as Executive Producer of the Wendy Williams Show is terminated, and your professional relationship with Debmar-Mercury is also concluded."

“In connection with the termination of employment, you were no longer permitted on the studio premises and all communication regarding your transition (including collection of your belongings from the studio premises) should be handled via your attorney as you have indicated that you are represented by counsel,” he allegedly continued in the email. “Your attorney may reach out to either of us directly so we can direct him/her to the appropriate parties. Thank you for all your contributions over the years, Kevin we wish you well.”

Hunter is claiming damages of up to $10 million for what he considers wrongful termination.

Hunter acted as Williams’ manager and negotiated the deal to create The Wendy Williams Show in 2007. Also, according to him, he created the creative elements of the show such as the shoe cam and the Hot Topics segment. Hunter claims he was fired as a result of his and Williams’ divorce and that Debmar-Mercury “underestimated” his contributions to The Wendy Williams Show, particularly since many of the elements he claimed to have created are now being used to create a talk show for Sherri Shepherd.

Shepherd acted as a guest host for Williams during her lengthy absence before Debmar-Mercury pulled the plug on Williams’ show, opting to create a show around Shepherd instead. Shepherd’s show will debut this fall.