New Wendy Williams photos have fans worried.

Now that her talk show is over, fans of the former queen of daytime television are wondering what’s her next step, if any. Amid reports that Williams’ physical and mental health is on the decline, she’s rarely been spotted publicly, and when she has, more concern has grown from fans. Now, fans are wondering if she’s OK after her recent appearance out in NYC.

Fans express concern

In photos shared on Aug. 27 on various social media sites including The Neighborhood Talk, Williams, was spotted in a black shirt tied up in a knot with tiny shorts and sneakers as she headed to a local convenience store. While many are happy to see her out and about, others are worried about her physical appearance.

“Why y’all post this? Like come on y’all don’t kick ppl when they down! That’s law,” one commented under the post, per Atlanta Black Star.

“Why y’all post this? Like come on y’all don’t kick ppl when they down! That’s law,” one person commented under the post.

Per Atlanta Black Star, another person chimed in: “This is low key body shaming! Why do people keep capturing her like this! D**n she isn’t a spring chicken anymore! Her body is showing her age. We have to get older too! This isn’t funny to me at all to me.”

Charlamagne Tha God says Wendy Williams’ decline could have been prevented

The Breakfast Club staple’s rise has a lot to do with his time with Williams on the radio. They had a falling out years ago, but he continues to give her credit and wish her the best from a distance.

In a recent chat with Madame Noire, Charlamagne spoke on Williams’ current condition and says he feels the former production company of her talk show contributed to what’s happening with her.

“I was more mad at Debmar-Mercury for putting Wendy out there all the time knowing clearly something’s wrong,” he said. “I been watching her for the past four years. She fainted on live television but they just kept putting her out there [and] propping her up knowing she wasn’t at her best. And in my mind, if she would’ve gotten help three, four years ago, it might not have gotten to this point.”