Just because Wendy Williams will no longer be dishing hot topics from her famous purple chair doesn’t mean she won’t reign as the queen of media elsewhere. After months of being on leave due to health reasons from her daytime talk show and guest hosts filling in her absence, Williams was officially replaced by Sherri Shepherd.

Shepherd’s new show, Sherri, is set to debut this September. Williams was reportedly blindsided by the final decision but may have some tricks up her sleeve.

Wendy Williams may be in talks for a major podcast deal

Fans haven’t heard directly from Williams in a video update or sit down interview since she signed off lost summer. Rumors about her debilitating health have run rampant but others speculate that her being replaced was a long time coming. 

Reports of Williams’ former husband and manager, Kevin Hunter, souring deals and making a toxic work environment behind the scenes on the show are not new. Williams has reportedly been planning to jump shift into the podcast world for some time as she’s allegedly grown tired of the demands of having a No. 1 talk show.


Al Reynolds of FOX Soul’s Out Loud With Claudia Jordan’s T.G.I.F. says he’s heard Williams is in talks for a multimillion-dollar deal

“The word on the street – now these are the deep deep streets – says that Wendy is working on a multi-million dollar podcast deal,” he said. 

He continued: “Now, we know that Spotify gave Joe Rogan $100 million [for his podcast]. So – everybody know that you heard it first right here on Fox Soul, that I think that Wendy Williams is up to something and that’s why she’s not posting or anything. I think this is a lead-up to a bigger announcement that we’re going to see coming down the pipe on her newfound home.”

Check out the clip below: