Wendy Williams‘s battles in court and with Wells Fargo continue as she accuses the bank of controlling her fiances as she’s placed under financial guardianship.

The former daytime television host hasn’t been the biggest fan of the bank after it put in a petition for Williams to be placed under guardianship, claiming that she is an “incapacitated person” and a “victim of undue influence and financial exploitation.” 

Williams has since accused a Wells Fargo financial advisor of lying that she’s mentally unstable as a result of locking her out of her accounts.

The chain of events began when Wendy Williams requested to gain access to her bank accounts.

Wendy Williams’ issues with Wells Fargo began when she visted a Wells Fargo branch and requested to check her bank statements. According to her attorney, La’Shawn Thomas, the famed television personality wanted to switch banks and needed her most recent statements to do so after suspecting misconduct by her financial advisor.

Wells Fargo allegedly refused to give Williams access to her bank accounts due to her not appearing to be in good health.

Wendy Williams has been placed under a temporary guardianship.

After being convinced that Wendy Williams needs a conservator, Wells Fargo put in a petition to have the queen of daytime television placed under financial guardianship, which has been in place since March.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, a New York judge agreed with Wells Fargo that a guardianship is necessary while the case is pending.

“Wendy doesn’t agree with a financial guardian being appointed,” Williams’ attorney La’Shawn Thomas told The Hollywood Reporter. “If it’s the court’s intention to have one appointed over her affairs for the long haul, she definitely isn’t going to accept that.”

Wendy Williams publicly spoke on her issues with Wells Fargo in March.

In a video posted to Instagram, Williams said, “My thing is that I’ve been asking questions about my money and when I begin asking questions about my money, suddenly [financial advisor] Lori Schiller has got no response regarding my money.”

“I want my money. This is not fair,” she said, according to ET Online. “…Wells Fargo has no questions and answers regarding my money. This is not fair. And Lori Schiller and Wells Fargo has this guardianship petition about keeping me away from my money. This is not right and this is not fair.”

“I know for a fact that Bernie Young used my American Express card to hire an attorney to file a petition against me,” she continued, accusing her former manager.

“That was done with my American Express card…Then there’s this person….A former doctor…had medical information about me that I never even got! It was sent over the Lori Schiller. So I haven’t gotten this stuff. I fired this doctor and, again, all I want to know is where is my money? This is not right! And certainly, this is not fair…Wells Fargo has used all this stuff to create the guardianship over me.”

Watch Williams' previous Instagram video below: