The world is wondering: what is going on with Wendy Williams. The “Hot Topics” guru hasn’t been in her famous purple chair all season amid health struggles her camp says is related to her thyroids and graves disease. Guests hosts filled in on a weekly basis in her absence as rumors have run rampant about Williams’ physical and mental health being on the decline.

Her family has said that she’s simply resting and taking the time she needs for full recovery. Now, a video of Williams has been released under her new Instagram account with her son as a focus point. But fans have a lot of questions about the video.

Wendy Williams releases a new video featuring her son, Kevin Hunter Jr.

In a five-minute-long video posted to her new @therealwendywilliamsonline Instagram account, Williams walks on a Florida beach while speaking to her Hunter Jr. as he films his famous mother. Williams says she visits the Sunshine State often due to her family living there, including her mother who passed away in Dec. 2020.

It’s unclear when Williams and Hunter shot the video but from the language, it seems as if the video was before Williams turned 57, leading many fans to speculate the video is old.  Williams ex, Kevin Hunter Sr., also resides in Florida with his fiance, Sharina Hudson, and their toddler daughter. 


In the video, Hunter Jr. says his mom is "taking a break from everything."

But Williams says the sabbatical is only “a break from New York,” adding, “New York is fast-paced, which I love,” said Williams, whose talk show films in New York City. “I love [it] here in Florida as much as I do New York, but they are two very different things and people. But New York is my heart and Florida is a beautiful place — beautiful, regular. Sometimes weird in a good way. Aren’t we all, weird in a good way?”

Hunter Jr. asks his mom the million-dollar question: “A lot of people have been wondering what you’ve been up to and they’ve been saying [sic] their prayers out and everything. What do you have to say to those people who think you’re up to whatever it is?”

“Excuse me, I am going back stronger. At 56 years old, there are things that happen to people,” Williams. She turned 57 in July 2021. “I would say things usually start about 40 and they go up from there, you know?” she continued. “So you’ve got to eat the right food. I want to be all I can be and get back to New York and get on down with The Wendy Williams Show.”

Watch the video below:

She also posted a second Instagram with her father: