Two videos featuring Wendy Williams has fans even more concerned about her safety and health.

One video, seemingly one by the paparazzi, showcases Williams in the back of a black SUV showing off a ring. When she’s asked if she has anything to say to the camera, her speech is clearly stunted and slurred.

Another video was released on her Instagram for her podcast, 'The Wendy Experience.'

Williams isn’t slurring in the video, but she still looks unwell. In the video, which has seemingly been taken down from Instagram, she says, “Co-hosts, I’m famous, and I’ll be back, trust me.”

Fans responded on social media, with one saying, "She needs to be surrounded by people that genuinely love her. This is sad. This woman is a generational icon and a hall of famer. Seeing her in this state is tragic. The eyes and the fingers pointing in all directions of the compass is just whoaa."

According to Page Six, fans wrote on the now-deleted Instagram post that they would rather see her get well than report on the gossip.

Williams’ health has been deteriorating in the past year, with various illnesses, including Graves’ disease and lymphedema, affecting Williams’ ability to function. Her personal life has also become public fodder, such as her public divorce from her husband and former manager, Kevin Hunter, and her fight with Wells Fargo over access to her money.