Update #2: Williams has doubled down on her claims that she is married, despite what her rep told Page Six. Hollywood Unlocked also posted the audio of the call with Williams.

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Update #1: A rep for Williams tells Page Six that she is actually not married. The rep told the outlet, “She is excited about a new relationship and probably got carried away in conversation.”

Previously reported:

Wendy Williams is reportedly once again a married woman and she has wed a cop.

The former daytime talk show host announced this news while recently speaking with longtime friend and Hollywood Unlocked founder Jason Lee. During their conversation, Williams shared that she tied the knot with a man named Henry who is a New York City police officer but didn’t disclose any further details.

Williams revealed that she's still struggling with financial stress on top of family drama.

In addition to sharing the news of her latest nuptials, the former Wendy Williams Show host admitted that she is still struggling financially.

She told Jason Lee her American Express has stopped working but jeweler William Selby along with another close friend have been helping her maintain access to one of her accounts.

Williams also shared that she is currently dealing with some family issues, revealing that she asked her entire team to keep her family, with the exception of her 21-year-old son, Kevin Hunter Jr,  away from her.

However, this is contrary to what Williams’ brother Tommy claims.

He has told his followers that Williams refused to let her son into her penthouse apartment. On his YouTube page, Tommy said that Kevin Jr. flew to New York to spend time with his mother on her birthday, but she wouldn’t let him inside.

“Her son is up there to spend what could be a monumental time with his mother, that is if she opens the door,” he said. “My nephew is trying to get in there now to see his mother. He was with me yesterday, we talked about the trip. We smiled and laughed…I was excited for him [to meet Williams]…And now the moment of truth–as beckons to see his mother at the pearly gates–to see Wendy.”

Williams' marriage to Henry comes 2 years after she and ex Kevin Hunter finalized their divorce.

Following a 20-year marriage to her last husband, Kenvin Hunter, Wendy Williams filed for divorce in April 2019 after Hunter’s mistress, Sharina Hudson, gave birth to a baby girl.

The following year, Williams and Hunter's divorce was finalized.

Since then, Williams host has kept her love life under wraps while continuing to deliver her show.

Now that she’s stepped back from The Wendy Williams Show, the television personality seemingly her exciting new life changes like her most recent marriage and the launch of her upcoming podcast, –as well as her health first and foremost.