Wendy Williams says she’s happy that Sherri Shepherd has her own daytime talk show, but it’s not something she’ll personally watch. Shepherd is taking over Williams’ time slot on FOX this Fall. Williams insists she’ll be back with her own project as well. 

Why Wendy Williams says she won’t watch Sherri Shepherd’s new show

Williams recently spoke with Fat Joe during an Instagram live Q&A. During their chat, they discussed Williams’ former talk show. Since her absence, Joe and others have also stepped in as special guest co-hosts. Williams is thankful and even supportive of Shepherd’s new role, but says she’ll show love from a distance.

“I [like] her, but I won’t be watching her because I know what she’s gonna be doing and that’s really not my thing. Ummm, you know? You know what I’m saying? Anyway,” Williams said. 

Sherri Shepherd says Wendy Williams isn’t well

Shepherd didn’t take too long to respond in her own Instagram video post. But she’s taking it all in stride and taking the high road.

“She’s [Wendy Williams] not well. So, it’s just a lot going on in Wendy’s life,” Shepherd said per Ace Showbiz. “This when you need your friends. You need your family. You need people who love you…So, all I can do over here is pray for Wendy.”


Williams responds again after Shepherd's comments

Williams said that she’d “love the chance to actually speak with Sherri and sit down and meet.”

And in response to Shepherd saying she’s not well, Williams says she is “in good spirits” and has “tons of support” while “working on projects.”