The “What’s going on with Wendy Williams” saga continues. In the wake of her show being officially canceled and handed over to popular guest host Sherri Shepherd, confusion regarding whether or not Williams is taking the news well is murky. William’s longtime representative, Howard Bragman, released a statement on her behalf to Deadline, saying that Williams is “incredibly grateful to Debmar-Mercury, to Sherri and everybody else who has supported the show through this time.” 

Williams has not been in front of the camera since the season opened due to ongoing health issues. However, now Williams is allegedly releasing a statement contradicting Bragman, confusing things even more. Bragman on his end is questioning whether or not Williams is who is speaking for herself, adding he hasn’t personally spoken to her.

The talk show host reportedly makes a statement from her new Instagram account refuting Bragman’s statement

Hours after Bragman spoke on Williams’ behalf, a statement from Williams’ personal Instagram account appeared. In the statement, Williams says Bragman is not authorized to speak on her behalf. The statement was posted to an Instagram story.

“Mr. Bragman although I appreciate your concerns and respect you immensely I have not authorized you to make any statements on my behalf regarding my current status with Debmar Mercury,” it reads in part. “Again thanks for your continuing concern and support.”

She hasn’t however elaborated on how she feels about her show ending publicly in a video or interview form. Reports allege that Williams was blindsided by being officially let go. 


Bragman isn’t convinced the statement is from Williams

Though the new Instagram account is verified, Bragman responded in a separate post that he doesn’t necessarily believe the account, or statement is from Williams. 

“I’m not honestly convinced of the source of that social media post, so when my old friend Wendy FaceTimes me personally and we alone have a chance to discuss recent events, together we can figure out the best path forward,” he said, per

Fans give Williams her flowers

Shepherd has killed it in ratings during her guest-hosting weeks. It sent her into the top contender spot for replacing Williams. Her new show, Sherri is set to premiere this September. Williams’ longtime producer Norman Baker will be working as a producer on Shepherd’s new show. 

But despite many being happy for Shepherd and giving her praise for her comedy skills in the way she delivers hot topics, Williams’ fans say she can never be replaced.