nullIn May 2011, I wrote an item for S&A titled "Should Black Celebrities Boycott Celebrity Apprentice?'" (HERE) in which I asked whether black celebrities should appear on the show after fake billionaire and twice bankrupted con man Donald Trump ran his obviously phony and blantantly racist presidential run tease and PR stunt. (Remember though that it didn't bother him since "the blacks", you know "those people", loved him.)

In fact, two different political advocacy groups called for black celelebrites to boycott the show after Trump's ugly sheganigans. Therefore I was wondering who would stoop so low as to agree to appear on his show for its next season after what he had done.

Well, now we know the answer. This morning, on the Today Show, Trump announced the cast for the new season of Celebrity Apprentice, and this season's token is Arsenio Hall.

Remember him? He used to be really, really big at one time, though I must admit I was surprised. I was expecting some broken down, washed up athlele or some faded rapper who spent what little money he had on Lamborghinis and gold chains, but Arsenio?

I know he must be desperate to get back into the limelight, but he's THAT desperate? He couldn't tell Trump and the producers of the show that he still has his diginty and wouldn't work for the racist prick?

Or is this just show biz as usual, and it's all one big game? Tell us what you think.