In case you haven’t heard (and as you can see below) Tyler Perry is the cover story for the upcoming August 2011 issue of Ebony magazine. WHAT AGAIN??? That makes it the 546th time he’s made the cover. That’s only beaten by the 634 times he’s been on the cover of Essence.

O.K. I get it and so do you. Let’s face facts. Name me another black director who can sell magazine copies. Love him or hate him (that seems to be in equal proportion) it’s a business. (Personally I’m still waiting for a Lexington Steele cover story and I want to be the one to do it)

No doubt that Ebony issue will be bought up by all those good, church going black women hoping one day they’ll find a good, God fearing, Christian man who’s right with the Lord and who doesn’t smoke, drink and do drugs with no vices (at least that haven’t been discovered yet by Bossip or the National Enquirer) like Perry. Good luck

But there has to be another black director out there somewhere worthy of their own cover story on a major magazine? Who would you pick disregarding if would sell copies or not?

If I had to pick one I would choose Antoine Fuqua (the photo above). He’s made some really good films and hasn’t gotten anywhere near the sort of notority I think he deserves. I would call the article “The MAN’S MAN director Antoine Fuqua”

Who would be your choice or choices?