During his appearance on Nick Cannon to promote his new ABC series Judge Steve Harvey, the titular comedian and talk show host hilariously chastised Cannon, as well as fellow comedians Kenan Thompson and Godfrey, for their impersonations of him.

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“Hey, Nick, all I need is you, Godfrey, and that chubby ass Kenan in the same room, from Saturday Night Live,” Harvey said. “If I see all three of y’all together, I’ma set the damn building on fire. Y’all three, and I’m setting the building on fire. Ain’t none of y’all getting out of it.”

Cannon most notably dressed up as Harvey for the talk show’s Halloween episode, while Thompson impersonates him during a reoccurring 'Saturday Night Live' skit

“Hey, I’m looking for Godfrey, too. Hey man, I can’t tell you how many people showed me clips of that d****d Godfrey,” the new primetime judge said. “Before my new show came out, he was doing stuff about me as a judge on TV before I even came out with this show. So I got both of y’all in the same room.”

He continued, joking, “I’ma knock you and Godfrey’s ass out. . . . You know the crazy part? Cause I got a birthday coming up — I’ll be 65 — I can’t whoop either one of y’all, technically. But I’m so good with it, and I got so many friends from my past who will do things for $1,500, that I do have ways of getting at both of y’all. I just want you to know that.”

In addition to hosting Judge Steve Harvey, Harvey of course hosts his syndicated radio show, Family Feud and his Facebook Watch talk show, STEVE on Watch.

Aside from hosting his titular talk show, Cannon hosts his syndicated radio show, hosts The Masked Singer and recently directed, produced and starred in the VH1 holiday film, Miracles from 125st Street. 

Watch Cannon's interview with Harvey below: