nullI've been living in New York for quite some time and have apparently missed this gem of an event.  The New Yorker Festival is a three day event bringing together noteworthy individuals from the worlds of; Publishing, Film, Theatre, Music, Politics, Culinary Arts, Fashion and More. The official schedule for the event is set to be released on Septemeber 10th.

What I can tell you is that Cloud Atlas starring Halle Berry, Tom Hanks, Susan Surandon, Jim Broadbent, Keith David and more will make its American premiere at the festival.  Following the screening the filmmakers, The Wachowski's and Tim Twyker, will be interviewed by Aleksander Hemon

Author Zadie Smith along with other writers will particpate in and evening entitled Fiction Night to discuss her work and its themes.  Singer Songwriters Norah Jones along with Punch Drunk Brothers, Lucinda Williams and Raphael Saadiq will sit down for conversations about music.  Viola Davis will be interviewed and Author and New Yorker contributor Malcolm Gladwell with also give a talk.

The three day New Yorker Festival begins October 5 through October 7.  Tickets for the event go on sale Noon ET Friday, September 14th.