Wheel of Fortune is getting slammed by fans after one of their puzzles misspelled Yung Joc‘s name.

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According to Decider, the Dec. 20 episode of the long-running game show earned the ire of Yung Joc fans when contestant Kennise Miller, who had won nearly $30,000 and a Hawaiian vacation during the episode, lost the bonus round. The category was “Person,” but the length of the two words misled Miller when coming up with answers. The puzzle’s answer was “Yung Jock,” and because of the error, fans want Miller to get a second chance.

"It's Yung Joc not Young Jock. She should have another shot," tweeted one person. "Why in the world would you even use the name and not research?"

Another tweeted, "Wheel of Fortune who the hell is 'young jock'??? That lady should have a redo."

"[Y]ou all cheated [tonight's] bonus round contestants," wrote another viewer.

“His name is ‘Yung Joc’ not ‘Young Jock.’ C’mon guys!” Another added, “So I’m watching Wheel Of Fortune and the bonus puzzle was Young Jock that the lady couldn’t solve. If only it was spelled Yung Joc she would’ve got it.”

So far, Wheel of Fortune and Yung Joc haven’t talked about the puzzle debacle, so for now, the issue remains unsolved.

Wheel of Fortune airs weeknights on ABC.