Wheel of Fortune‘s host Pat Sajak is currently receiving a ton of backlash on social media.

The longtime game show host is getting blasted on Twitter after a photo surfaced of him posing with Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene and Right Side Broadcasting Network reporter Bryan Glenn.

The photo appears to have been taken earlier this month and has prompted the internet to add its own context.

Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is known for her extreme right-wing views.

Pat Sajak’s most recent photo has the internet talking simply because of the people he is seen posing with.

Greene, is known for her extreme right-wing views. She’s even made a hobby of harassing mass-shooting victims and thinks that Sandy Hook massacre denier Alex Jones got a raw deal in court.

As for Bryan Glenn, he is a reporter for the Right Side Broadcasting Network.

The original tweet came from Patriot Takes, an anonymous social media account that purports to monitor and expose “right-wing extremism and other threats to democracy,” according to its description on the platform.

Twitter users are dragging Pat Sajak for posing with Marjorie Taylor Greene and Bryan Glenn

Not long after the photo of Pat Sajak posing with Green and Glenn surfaced online, many took to Twitter to call out the Wheel of Fortune host for being in such company.


"First Chuck Woolery. Now Pat Sajak. Are all game show hosts trash?" Former HuffPoster Marc Lamont Hill of BET tweeted.

"It's #WheelOfFacism! STARRING....#PatSajak & #Vanna #WhiteSupremacist (aka #MarjorieTaylorGreen) Spinning truth into crazy conspiracies to steal the deal!" someone else wrote.

"How nice of Pat Sajak to show his true colors. Spin that Wheel of Fortune," another user tweeted.