I’m a little busy today with a number of other items, so entries will be slow-coming for a little while. I figured a survey would be a good way to keep you folks busy until then 🙂

So, as was announced yesterday, Brian Helgeland and Legendary Pictures are developing a new film based on history’s most celebrated baseball figure, Jackie Robinson, in collaboration with Robinson’s widow, Rachel Robinson.

The survey question is, who should be cast to play Jackie Robinson? As I’ve said before, when it comes to biopics, I’d prefer that they cast unknowns; but, given the expected size of this project, I’m guessing they’d go with someone who’s somewhat known – although not necessarily an A-lister.

I’d have to do some research to find out who Spike Lee was considering for the decade or so that he tried to get the film produced. I’d guess Denzel Washington was high on his list, since they worked together a few times during those years.

But who would make your short list?