If you were given all the good luck in the world, could you manage it?

Apple TV+’s Luck explores how even in times of bad luck, there’s a way to find the good in it all. Although the main character, Sam, faces what seems like misfortune after misfortune, she continues to keep going…never giving up on finding a solution to make things better.

Viewers young and old can relate to Sam who’s been down on her luck for what seems like her entire life. That is until a Black cat helps her to unlock a whole new world, a world where luck is literally manufactured before it meets its match in the real world.

Luck taps veterans Whoopi Goldberg and Jane Fonda to voice characters that are true to who they are.

“Babe is a strong woman dragon, and I’m a strong woman,” Fonda told Shadow and Act in a recent interview. “I’m not a CEO, but she treats her workers with respect and dignity. She goes down with them on the factory floor of the factory where luck is made and she talks to them, makes them feel good, and makes sure they exercise in the morning. I like to think that I would do that if I was a CEO.”

Fonda also says her flexibility is one thing that allowed her to be drawn to her character.

“She’s flexible, even though in the beginning of the movie, she’s like ‘only good luck, we can’t have any bad luck, no bad luck can come in here. Luck is all that matters,'” she continued. “But when she receives new information, she is able to accept the new idea.”

For Goldberg, she was onboard to voice a fearless leprechaun simply because her animated character looked like her.

"I'm a fierce little leprechaun, which was kind of fantastic because I've never seen a brown leprechaun...ever," Goldberg told us.

“It makes me know that in the mythology, mythological world, we are again… everywhere,” she expressed. “I love it, it made me happy.”

“Bad luck. Good luck. It’s all luck. And so no gets all good luck throughout their life. Everybody has some bad luck, but it isn’t always bad luck because sometimes when you look at it this way, it’s like ‘Oh my gosh, I didn’t even see that,'” Goldberg explained. “And so it evolves.

“This film is about paying attention and recognizing that it is now necessarily how you see it. It may be more nuanced than that,” she continued.

'Luck' is now available for streaming on Apple TV+.

Watch the video below: