Grey’s Anatomy alum Jesse Williams has talked about why he doesn’t watch the show and didn’t watch much of it before he left.

In a new interview with Variety., Williams said that he doesn’t keep up with the show and didn’t before he exited.

"No," he said, answering if he watches the series, "but I didn’t watch it for a significant portion of being on it. Which is not a comment on the show; it’s because it was no longer useful to watch myself."

“When I first started acting, I would watch to see if I was achieving what I thought I was achieving, and I was able to get a sense of myself from the outside in,” he continued. “But I’m a perfectionist, and watching myself eventually just made me more unsettled.”

Williams left the series in 2021 after playing Dr. Jackson Avery for 12 seasons. When he announced his departure, he released a statement thanking Shonda Rhimes and the series' cast and crew.

“I will forever be grateful for the boundless opportunities provided me by Shonda [Rhimes], the network, studio, fellow castmates, our incredible crew, Krista [Vernoff], Ellen [Pompeo] and Debbie [Allen],” said Williams at the time. “As an actor, director and person, I have been obscenely lucky to learn so much from so many and I thank our beautiful fans, who breathe so much energy and appreciation into our shared worlds. The experience and endurance born of creating nearly 300 hours of leading global television is a gift I’ll carry always. I am immensely proud of our work, our impact and to be moving forward with so many tools, opportunities, allies and dear friends.”

Currently, Williams is on Broadway in 'Take Me Out,' playing a gay biracial baseball star who comes out at the pinnacle of his success.

The 2002 play’s revival run had ended in June, but will be back in the fall for a new run. Williams talked to Variety about the play in the interview, saying that he felt the Broadway show was brought back after its initial run to the Great White Way because “[w]e had a lot more in the tank, and I felt like we were hitting a new stride.”

"The possibility of coming back was brought up to me before we even finished the first run, and frankly, I didn’t want to do it; I was tired and missed my children," he said

“But once I was able to recharge at home, I just kept thinking about the show. I’d find myself running lines in the shower or just doing scenes alone while I was sailing.”