Will Smith and his Overbrook Entertainment production company is producing Sony Pictures adaptation of Danielle Trussoni's novel Angelology, which Publisher's Weekly describes as follows:

A covert age-old war between angels and humans serves as the backdrop for Trussoni’s gripping tale of supernatural thrills and divine destinies. Sister Evangeline, the secretary who handles all inquiries concerning the archives of angel arcana at an upstate New York convent, receives a letter from researcher V.A. Verlaine inquiring about an unknown link between the convent and philanthropist Abigail Rockefeller dating to 1943. It turns out that the Rockefellers were interested in a legendary artifact associated with an order of fallen angels. That priceless artifact is coveted by Verlaine’s employer, Percival Grigori, a Nephilim—offspring of the union between mortal and angel parents—who will stop at nothing to retrieve it for the awesome power it will give his race over humanity.

Never read the book (this is actually the first time I'm hearing about it), so can't offer any commentary on it.

Also it's not clear whether Will plans to just produce, or if there's a part in this for him (or one of the members of his immediate acting family – Willow, Jaden, Jada notably). Based on the writeup, an having not read the book, I can't say. I doubt any of the characters is black, but that doesn't mean anything, especially when it comes to the Smiths. But it sounds like an adult novel, with adult characters, so you can cancel out the kids, which leaves mommy and daddy Smith.

Or, like I said, Will could just be producing a *hot* property that made the most recent Black List; he's done that before as well.

Deadline says that Sony Pictures has hired Larry Brenner to adapt the novel and director Marc Forster’s Apparatus is also producing; so I'm wondering if he'll direct as well.

More when I know more…