Love Is ___ has been renewed for a season 2 at OWN, and there is one person out there who probably isn’t happy about that.

According to The Blasta woman named Amber Brenner has filed a lawsuit against OWN and series creators Mara Brock Akil and Salim Akil, claiming they stole the idea for the show from her screenplay. Brenner alleges that she wrote a screenplay “Luv & Perversity in the East Village” that she gave to Salim Akil in 2016. She claims the screenplay was “about loving a person who is detrimental to her own life and takes the readers on a journey that explores love in the context of such an abusive relationship,” with “a female protagonist is a young, attractive, Black entertainment professional who falls in love with a dominant and aggressive male who turns her life upside down.”

She alleges that Akil emailed her and said he enjoyed it, and then they used her idea for pitching Love Is __, which landed at OWN.

The Blast says Brenner is suing OWN and the Akils, calling for an injunction and unspecified damages.

Love Is______ is set in Los Angeles during the 1990s against the backdrop of Black Hollywood. The series chronicles the lives of Nuri (Michele Weaver) and Yasir (Will Catlett), a couple from seemingly different worlds, as they pursue their goals. Told from the perspective of the couple’s present-day selves, the one-hour romantic drama explores the social issues and vibrant black culture and how it shaped the romantic duo two decades later as they become a power couple navigating the complex set of social codes that permeate Los Angeles.

The series, inspired by the Akils’ romantic journey, explores the ups and downs of falling and staying in love.

Michele Weaver Will Catlett, Wendy Davis, Clarke Peters, Idara Victor, Tyrone Brown, Yootha Wong-Loi-Sing and Kadeem Hardison star.