Gospel superstar and Kingdom Business lead Yolanda Adams made time to discuss some of the most controversial topics going on in the Black church at FOX Soul’s Hollywood Unlocked with Jason Lee.

In the exclusive clip below, Adams opens up about how she feels about her fellow gospel performers Kirk Franklin, who has been in opposition against his son Kerrion, and other unsavory moments from the mainstream gospel world.


In the episode, Yolanda promotes her new music drama on BET+ called ‘Kingdom Business.’ She also discusses her strong faith, how she maintains her cool in heated moments, and how she prefers the word nurture over raise when talking about her daughter and motherhood. Yolanda also addresses controversial subjects dealing with fellow Gospel musicians Kirk Franklin, Kim Burrell and even Kanye West. Yolanda speaks on Kirk’s public and curse-heavy feud with his son Kerrion, Kim being under fire for homophobic remarks, and Kanye — whom she loves — being lynched by the media. She wishes people would stop unfairly judging him because of moments that haven’t served him well. Before the interview ends, Yolanda reveals her secrets to remaining youthful at 60 and how to get the youth more involved in the church.

"The one thing I don't want ever is for someone to get a snap of me…and then it goes viral and then all of my folks are like, 'we can't support her anymore, she said a cuss word.'"

She said she believes that it’s become hard for people to give unconditional forgiveness because of “years and years and years of brainwashing and gaslighting.”

“You have to give people a break. If you want a break, give people a break. If you want forgiveness, give forgiveness. If you want kindness, give kindness,” she said. “I’ve known Kirk and Kerrion for years, and so that dynamic–they know each other and they know what that means. It is unfair for me to step in there and say, ‘You know, Kirk, that was horrible.’ That’s not my role. My role is ‘friend,’ my role is ‘sister.’ For Kerrion it’s ‘auntie.'”

“Unfortunately, because of the world we live in now, people will take those private moments and abuse them and use them for their own advantage,” she continued. “Unfortunately they don’t want you to see their scars and their skeletons and all that stuff.”

Watch the clip above.

Kingdom Business stars Adams as a First Lady and gospel record mogul who is coming up against some new blood, a singer (Serayah) who comes from the wrong side of the tracks to deliver a message that hits home for listeners. The new series is straming on BET+ now.