null2 updates to my January 8 post announcing an upcoming feature film titled Lila and Eve, which Jennifer Lopez and Viola Davis are attached to star in, with Charles Stone III ((DrumlinePaid in FullMr. 3000Crazy, Sexy, Cool: The TLC Story) directing.

The story, described as “Thelma & Louise meets Fight Club,” will follow two distraught mothers who team up to avenge the death of their children after authorities are unable to find their murderers.


The first update: Aml Ameen has joined the cast to play Viola Davis’ son. The actor made the announcement via his Twitter page.
And the second update: The Wrap is reporting that Yolonda Ross has also joined the cast, to play “a member of a “Mothers of Lost Children” support group, which helps women who have lost children to violence.”
ChickFlick Productions and JuVee Productions are listed as producers on the film – JuVee Productions is Viola Davis’ production company, which she co-founded with her husband Julius Tennon.

Production for the film starts this month, with a 2015 release date listed.

You’ll recall when Davis launched JuVee Productions a couple of years ago, with the intent being to create and produce projects for herself, which is essentially what she’s likely doing here.

This should be interesting.